It´s very common to see stereotypes in all kinds of ads. Some appeal to sensuality, some to intelligence (or lack of  it), some to money. State your opinion and ad some kind of example ( a photo for instance). Use about 15 lines, ok !!


Write about someone you know who has achieved a successful life. Tell us the story ! 🙂

Watch the video and share your thoughts ! : ) Report a moment in which you had to apologize for something you did. (About 10 lines, ok ?)

Are you caught in the sandwich generation or do you know anyone who is ? Share your experiences ! : )

Watch the video and then write your thoughts ! Thanks !

This video is a nice display on how music can bring people together ! What´s the role of music in your life ?  Watch the song and share your thoughts ! Thanks ! 🙂

Watch the video below and contribute by stating your opinion ! thanks ! : )